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EA admits that Medal of Honor: Warfighter disappointed

By James Brightman

EA admits that Medal of Honor: Warfighter disappointed

Tue 30 Oct 2012 9:18pm GMT / 5:18pm EDT / 2:18pm PDT

Sales failed to meet expectations for the newest EA shooter

Electronic Arts, in a financial earnings call following its Q2 results, noted that Medal of Honor: Warfighter didn't sell as well as hoped. EA CEO John Riccitiello acknowledged that the game simply came in below expectations. This comes shortly after Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz said that the newest Medal of Honor was "likely to be a major disappointment."

EA did not state what level of sales Medal of Honor actually saw, but the company did say the "weaker than expected performance" is going to affect the company's third-quarter results.

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau also noted that EA "takes quality very seriously" and the company was not pleased with critics, saying that EA's own internal testing led them to think that Warfighter was much better than the reception it got from critics. Despite the disappointing performance, the publisher believes that Medal of Honor remains a "good game with a receptive audience" and EA fully intends to support the game with marketing, DLC and more through the holidays.

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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic

2,018 2,375 1.2
2 things.

1) Is this the same MoH: Warfighter that was released in North America on October 23 and the UK on October 26? Given that I'm writing this comment on the 30th of October, surely this says something about how much emphasis is placed on pre-orders and Day 1 sales, as opposed to the long-tail sales.

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau also noted that... the company was not pleased with critics, saying that EA's own internal testing led them to think that Warfighter was much better than the reception it got from critics.
Hmmm... So, either EA's internal testing department got it wrong, or the reviewers did. I'd like to think that reviewers are starting to actually be more critical about games. Perhaps that's me being optimistic, though.

Posted:3 years ago


Paul Jace Merchandiser

1,199 2,048 1.7
I think it's time they put this series to bed the same way Activision halted Tony Hawk development once that series also lost most of it's audience. Despite name recognition MOH really isn't a very popular series anymore, especially when compared to Halo, COD and Battlefield. The best thing EA can do is to halt development on this series for atleast 3-5 years. By then there may be some renewed interest for it but I wouldn't neccesarily hold my breath.

Posted:3 years ago

As they failed at mimicking the COD playstyle (i.e: fast paced game, run&gun). I think their (obvious) plan was to alternate Battlefield and MOH every year, simirlaly to what Activision does with Infinity Ward and Treyarch.
Also, the interesting point is to see how difficult it is to offer tight game mechanics and relevant level design on a short period of development. This shows that although the COD franchise innovate little, it really got to a point where it is really hard to catch on

Posted:3 years ago


Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys!

2,610 1,686 0.6
Bleh. Isn't this the same thing they said about the LAST Medal of Honor game when it underperformed with critics (but sold well enough that a sequel was green lit)? Geezus, let a damn game find its audience over TIME and let people who want to buy it do so, damn the reviews. This "weekend box office" shit (and over-speculating based on pre-order numbers and post-shipment slower than "expected" INITIAL sales) is KILLING the industry and studios. It's not a terrible game at all from what I played, but I guess critics are expecting any shooter hitting stores to be better than the best as opposed to "Good" or "Just OK"...

Maybe they need to wait and see how many units sell around the holidays? Hell, SOME people I know are holding out on quite a few games until they need to buy them as gifts... I'm just sayin'...

Posted:3 years ago


Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant

1,692 595 0.4
Maybe the steam is running out of the business model of the blockbuster console franchises.

Posted:3 years ago


Tom Keresztes Programmer

743 400 0.5
A critic (NZGamer) from Metacritic wrote :
A formulaic experience that feels rushed, ill-thought out and hollow. Its gameplay is rote and its mechanic is derivative. To be frank, I'm tired of this. Shooter fans are not simply teenage consumers of asinine adventure. We deserve better.
Rating : 1

Another wrote:
This game, like many other hidden gems, often puts off people with the patience of a squirrel, where I think the majority of the unfairly negative reviews are coming from. Most people expect it to behave like Call of Duty and when it doesn't, bail. Mindless if you ask me. It takes time to learn a new game. Once done, this game is an absolute blast and has several things going for it most PC shooters don't have anymore: dedicated servers, leaning, crouching, realistic ballistics (recoil, bullet drop)and far fewer bunny hopping, rage spewing, quick scoping 14-year-olds out there to spoil the fun
Rating : 9

The game is currently at 57%.

Posted:3 years ago


Arjen Meijer Owner, RedCell

17 4 0.2
This video tells the tale of why at least I stopped playing these quicktime events and moving over to indie more and more to get a good evening worth of play time.

Publishers are stuck in a sinking ship and can't get out, nothing will change this, period!

Posted:3 years ago


Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator

962 187 0.2
That's quite disheartening to hear Andreas...I mean what's the point of hiring concept artists then?

Posted:3 years ago


Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany

1,166 1,297 1.1
They have a Game Evaluation department for something, and a very efficient one. Next time they better listen to them.

@Bruce: It's called "end of console cycle", everyone here is telling you and I don't know why we keep trying. For someone who works in the industry, like you, this should be easy to understand. A different thing is that you don't want to believe and wish for them to disappear (along with thousand of work positions and employments) which, given the case, I feel sorry for you.

Not to mention that MoH is a original PC franchise...

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Alfonso Sexto on 5th November 2012 9:02am

Posted:3 years ago


Keldon Alleyne Handheld Developer, Avasopht Ltd

621 722 1.2
Arjen: This video tells the tale of why at least I stopped playing these quicktime events and moving over to indie more and more to get a good evening worth of play time.
Is it me or does this guy sound a little like Bruce Dell from Euclideon?

Posted:3 years ago


Ian Brown IT Developer / IT Infrastructure

107 26 0.2
Well see how many people pick it up around/after Christmas time when its not full price. I'm not going to rush out and slam £40 notes down on yet "another" olive & tan shooter. £15/£20 however I might pick it up to pass a couple of days.

Posted:3 years ago


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