Deadpool has taken over, says High Moon manager

Greg Agius says that the studio was given more marketing input after War for Cybertron

Oftentimes sub-studios within a larger publisher have a rather nominal say in the marketing of whatever game they are making. By contrast, High Moon marketing manager Greg Agius indicates that the developer got to give feedback on marketing Transformers: Fall of Cybertron after the success of War for Cybertron.

"We work symbiotically with the Activision team: they have the resources and mass market expertise, we provide assets and knowledge that bring everything close to the IP. For a licensed game like Transformers it's critical that you be IP accurate," detailed Agius. "You need to be a fan to talk to a fan. The look, feel and tone of all of our assets match our game perfectly. In fact in most of the time we've leveraged game assets to create our ads. For example, our stunning cinematic trailers are built using our amazing character models and animations."

High Moon has managed to tap into the fandom of the Transformers franchise, and Agius says it is looking to apply lessons learned from those games to its newest game: Deadpool.

"With Grimlock and now Deadpool we have a knack for finding very unique characters," said Agius. "With so many games on the market you need characters that can break through and grab mind share. What we do best at High Moon is identify what it is that we as fans love about these characters and then use that as a core part of our campaign."

"Deadpool has taken over High Moon, literally," he continued. "We're not just using that as a method for our marketing and PR campaign. The team has embraced the character fully; jokes around the office, Deadpool T-shirts, and even a few guys with all red shoes. That kind of energy is infectious and Activision along with Marvel has fully embraced it. So you can expect to see some major fourth wall breaking in everything we do.

"Being accurate to the character has already paid huge dividends with Deadpool's game announcement at San Diego Comic Con. We broke the fourth wall and took over Marvel's panel, spray painted a Spider-Man billboard, and made everything look and feel Deadpool. Just check out the press release. The reaction has been glorious insanity. It's amazing to see all of the new people we've now brought into the know on Deadpool. With tens of millions of hits to, fans are informing other fans. Activision and High Moon took big risks to do something fun and creative and millions are responding to it."

Read the full interview on [a]list.

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 4 years ago
Hm. Let's hope all this money spent on hype translates to a good game. So far, I'm not sold on Deadpool as anything more than an excuse for mindless (but amusing) violence and dragging that M-rating all over the room like a cat with a dead pterodactyl in its mouth. We already have plenty of violent games and unhinged characters, so for me, seeing another one (even though he's been in comics for a while) just made me shrug and say "NEXT!" in the hope of getting something more original in terms of content.
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