Insomniac CEO announces new IP, Fuse

With Overstrike undercover, Fuse is Insomniac's new title

At his PAX Prime keynote speech, Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price announced his studio's new IP, Fuse, and highlighted the four pillars to making a truly great game. Fuse's announcement was accompanied by the launch of a website with a countdown clock which looks to expire sometime in September. Insomniac's previously-announced new IP, Overstrike, is still incognito with some speculating that Fuse is a current evolution of that title.

When it comes to making a great game, Price believes the first thing is to do one thing better than anyone else. Price mentioned Insomniac idea jam sessions that ultimately were not very fruitful.

"It was a complete waste of time," Price said. "We weren't asking the right question. What does our game do better than any other game?"

Price also cautioned developers to put the fun first and not expect for art or story to improve a player's experience with a title.

"That's dangerous! That's putting off the inevitable," he said. "All the fun stuff -- story, character, visual -- has to be subservient to fun. And once you figure out what's fun you have to prove it every single day."

Price's third piece of advice to developers is to clearly define your audience. Aiming for everyone is not aiming for success. Developers have a better time reaching consumers if the title is tailored for those consumers.

Finally, Price asked developers to make the game experience personal.

"The creation process should be an intensely personal experience," Price closed. "You are sharing your interests and experiences and putting yourself in everything you make."

[Via Gamasutra]

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Latest comments (2)

Spencer Franklin Concept Artist 4 years ago
"Price also cautioned developers to put the fun first and not expect for art or story to improve a player's experience with a title."

What was once common sense, seems so foreign lately. Make a fun and engaigin experiance, a game that YOU would want to play, and people will come to it, whatever the business model. Nowdays, seems all the thought is put into what business model to use, how to monetize, blah blah, without thought or care whther or not they are creating an actual fun game. Great graphics don't equal great games, any more than great special FX dont make a great movie...they are things to enhance the experiance...not create it.
Developers need to get back to basics... and with the seemingly full speed ahead into F2P gaming...this will become even more the case. the good games will win out, the crap will sink. And no amount of throwing money at it (ie, SW;TOR) can turn boring and uninnovative gameplay into a successful game.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 4 years ago
+! Spencer. I've been saying more or less the same thing for ages. In short: Make good games, period.
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