Gree enters partnership with Namco Bandai

Five social games will be developed between the two companies

Namco Bandai has entered a business partnership with Japanese mobile publisher Gree, only ten months after creating a joint venture with Gree's rival DeNA.

Andriasang reports that Namco Bandai has already launched service on Naruto: Shinobi Masters for Gree. A Tales series-based card game will follow this summer, a social version of the Summon Night series will follow in the fall, and a social version of Pac-Man and Idolmaster are coming in the winter. The titles will be released outside of Japan eventually.

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The danger from gaining a snapshot of information from the excellent Andriasang is you only have a part of the details (rest lost in translation). Would recommend you look at the DataCardass from Banpresto/Bandai ( to get a better understanding of the GREE / amusement cross-over.
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