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Dutch refuse to ratify ACTA, no matter what EU parliament decides

Dutch refuse to ratify ACTA, no matter what EU parliament decides

Tue 26 Jun 2012 8:28am GMT / 4:28am EDT / 1:28am PDT

Demands that it be "indisputably shown to be in line with the constitution"

The Dutch government has announced that it will refuse to ratify the ACTA treaty, even if the European Parliament decides to uphold it, "until it has been indisputably shown to be in line with the constitution."

The decision, reported by GamePolitics via Dutch News, is the first to openly defy the potential decision of the European Parliament, which will be reached on July 4.

So far, several committees have rejected the proposal, fearing that it is too open to interpretation and could become widely misused if passed into European law. The European Parliament is expected to to reject the bill.

ACTA covers not just IP infringement and digital copyright, but also physical counterfitting. For more details on the bill's contents, read Jas Purewal's piece on ACTA and SOPA, here.


Henrique Olifiers
Gamer-In-Chief, Co-Founder

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Great decision by the Dutch. ACTA is an indecent and undemocratic process done behind our backs, aiming to give full power to companies and organisations that have proven time again unable to deal with such responsibility.

Copyright needs to be protected, yes, but NEVER at the expense of civil rights and liberties.

Posted:A year ago


Carl Crawford
Studying Bachelor of Information Technology

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I agree with the Dutch

Posted:A year ago


Tom Pickard
Lead Environment Artist - Campaign Map

308 382 1.2
It baffles me how out of tune the companies and executives pushing these plans behind the publics backs are... Piracy can be combated in a fair and softer touch method if businesses wanted to solve it. They would rather use a sledgehammer to take out a cobweb when a duster would be more useful and less harmful..

the Dutch are right to stand up to this needless and poorly written piece of litigation that is so vague and harms the consumers for little gain. Added to the sneaky way the EU commission has acted to get this far and now claiming it can't be ammended or edited and just needs to be ratified shows somthing is very wrong with it.

Posted:A year ago


Brian Smith

193 77 0.4
Yeah to the Dutch. Maybe media coverage of this type of thing will help open up some eyes.

Posted:A year ago


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