Final Fantasy XI is series' most profitable game

Yoichi Wada claims the 2002 MMO is top of the list

Final Fantasy XI is the most profitable game in the long-running franchise's history.

According to a report from Famitsu, translated by Andriasang, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada put the MMO at "the top of all past Final Fantasy games" during his speech at the fan event Vana Fest 2012.

Final Fantasy XI was launched in Japan in 2002, and rolled out across other territories over the next two years. Wada claimed that the game's total combined play sessions would exceed 200,000 years.

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gi biz ;, 5 years ago
Wow I didn't expect that at all. I mean, they sold the impossible with FF7, they made a Win32 port, toys, movies, spin-offs, concerts... while I never heard anyone speaking about FF11. I tried it myself long time ago, but everybody was Japanese and spoke poor English, so I stopped very soon. Could it be the Japanese market alone passed the worldwide sales of the 7th chapter? And could it be that FF14 is doing well also?
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Doug Paras5 years ago
I'm not surprised haveing 500k to 1m surscribers over most of its life time adds up to alot with all the exp packs including a new one coming this year. The game had its issue, a hard lvling system turned off many looking for the easy run to lvl cap, but the class system and the more recent lvl sync system are the best in MMO Universe, IMO. The Level sync system in perticuler was a brilliant piece of work from FFXI.
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John Donnelly Quality Assurance 5 years ago
FFXI was OK, I subscribed for a year to it but did not always play it.
Plus they added a $1 fee here and there for extra characters and other stuff like that to boost the income.

It had some very unique features like advanced classes, sub roles and the like meaning you had alot of diversity in playstyle though the community wanted cookie cutter player builds and setups.

It was my first real MMO experience and one I wont forget.
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