Microsoft Japan offering Kinect package for existing Gold members

360 Slim and Kinect for less than a retail PS3 or Vita

Microsoft Japanese online store is offering a tempting deal on a Slim 360 and Kinect, selling the combined package for less than a retail PS3 or Vita.

The deal, reported by Wired prices the package at 24,800 ($311, 200 apprx), but seems to be targeted at current platform owners rather than new purchasers: an existing Xbox LIVE Gold membership is necessary for customers to be eligible.

It seems an odd strategy for a platform with such minimal penetration in the Japanese market, where it still regularly sees lower weekly sales than the PlayStation 2. Kinect itself has made even less of an impact in the region. It's not know whether the package deal will be extended to other territories.

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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 4 years ago
Well, "less" may be a bit of a strong word for the price difference: RRP for a 160 GB PS3 slim is 24,980, a 180 (1 apprx) difference.

Yeah, the deal does seem odd.
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Dominic Jakube Student 4 years ago
Are they going to help them move into bigger apartments too?I really wish MS would just write off the kinnect as a failed experiment, even if it has sold well theres still not a game me and anyone I know want to play on it.

But by the sounds of it they are building their next console around the kinnect trying to emulate the Wii fad at the risk of alienating the "core" crowd that made 360 a sucsess.
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