Fez rallies 100k sales on Xbox Live Arcade

Polytron Corporation and Phil Fish see success on XBLA

The long-in-development Fez has been out for a month now, and things seem to be going okay for the title. Microsoft has confirmed that the game has now surpassed over 100,000 units sold on Xbox Live Arcade.

Polytron Corporation, under Phil Fish, announced the news this morning from their home site, without elaborating any further on the sales.

Fish recently admitted that the game's long development cycle hurt its sales, pointing to the slowing of XBLA sales in general now. "The fact that the game took so long to come out I think ultimately hurt it," he said. "I think it would have done better if it had come out two or three years ago rather than now, because things are kind of slowing down on Xbox Live Arcade - it's the end of that life-cycle."

Originally starting development way back in 2007, the game has been on the watch list for many in the industry. A game that blends the idea of 2D and 3D world creation, Fez has been a labor of love for the developers at Polytron.

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Stefan Pettersson Specialist Consultant, Fat Tuna4 years ago
"...things are kind of slowing down on Xbox Live Arcade - it's the end of that life-cycle."

No wonder sales are slowing down since Microsoft changed the Xbox dashboard and buried all downloads, especially XBLA, addons and indie, under tons of menus.
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