Podcast #6: E3 Predictions, Platforms and Publishers

Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobsen, BigBit's Nick Baynes and Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell share their thoughts on next week's big event

With all of the industry's attention laser focused on E3, its remit and what may happen there, it would seem foolish not to take the opportunity offered by our monthly podcast to engage in a little old-fashioned crystal ball gazing.

So, to that end we've gathered three guests, combining a wealth of experience and insight, and asked them to give us their thoughts on what the platform holders might be desperately keeping under wraps until next week, alongside a discussion of what E3 still means to the industry.

First up is Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobsen. A many-year veteran of a highly successful studio consistently putting a niche sim title in the charts with mechanical precision, Miles is as well known and respected for the honesty and sense of his opinions as he is for his games. Don't just take our word for it, though, Jacobsen was also awarded an OBE in the new year's honours list of 2011 for his contribution to the British gaming industry.

Our second developer this month is Nick Baynes, a racing specialist who was in charge of many of the wonderful games to emerge from the now defunct Black Rock Racing studio in Brighton. Nick now runs his own business, BigBit, and is currently working on a toy-controlled iPad racer for toy company Mattel.

Offering a media perspective on the forthcoming show is Tom Bramwell, Operations Director at GamesIndustry International parent group the Eurogamer Network. Over ten years of experience analysing and predicting the industry, alongside more than his fair share of time on the ground at the LA show itself, has given Tom the skill and knowledge to rise from a young owner of a Quake fansite to the upper echelons of management at the UK's biggest independent games media business.


The GamesIndustry International podcast is recorded at London's Side Studios

Obviously, the two silent guests here are our old friends rumour and speculation - as much a part of any E3 as Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. We think we've got enough sense and insight in the room to at least be shooting in the right direction, but don't go re-mortgaging the house on the basis of our crystal ball-gazing.

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The GamesIndustry International podcast is recorded at London's Side Studios.

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Antony Johnston Writer & Narrative Designer 4 years ago
141MB! Slightly higher compression required, methinks ;)
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Shane McCafferty iOS Developer/Consultant, Shane McCafferty4 years ago
Enjoyed that folks. Thanks.
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Calum Brown Games Journalist 4 years ago
Good podcast guys. On the skylander clone front, what Nintendo should do for the Wii U is bring out a similar game but with the Pokemon license.It would fit perfectly,the Pokemon can each be in a poke'ball to store.
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