Hidden Sonic game in new interactive Nike ad

SEGA involved with new multi-million campaign

The latest glossy Nike football ad, featuring several international football stars in a typically glamorous and expensive outing, also features a hidden Sonic the Hedgehog title.

The ad has been run on television and is embedded in many sites across the web, but visitors to Nike's official Youtube channel can experience an interactive version which allows viewers to pause the action to read player bios and click on hidden 'tunnels' - one of which is a hoarding which starts a short, Nike-branded Sonic game advertising Nike's "Vapour" football boots.

Nike's advertising budget is immense, and usually gives rise to some pretty spectacular results. Although Sonic's part in the latest production is small, and fairly well hidden, acquiring the rights for his appearance can't have been cheap.

Perhaps a more involved part in the campaign's future beckons?

A non-interactive version of the ad appears below, for the interactive version, head to Nike's official Youtube channel. Click on the boot on the hoardings at around three quarters of the way through the video to access the game.

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