Portal 2 sells 4 million copies

Valve also released new DLC content for the game

Valve has confirmed that Portal 2 has sold 4 million copies worldwide since launching in April 2011. No breakdown was given between the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 releases of the game.

Previously, Valve had stated that the original Portal sold over 4 million units, not including sales over Steam. Valve CEO Gabe Newell has indicated that the PC versions of Portal sell better than the console versions.

Valve today also launched the Puzzle Maker for Portal 2. It is designed to be an easy, drag-and-drop way to create test chambers in the game and is part of the free DLC called the Perpetual Testing Initiative.

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Jamie Read 3D Artist, Neon Play Ltd4 years ago
Well deserved in my opinion. The best game to come out in recent years.
I got the puzzle editor DLC yesterday, but have yet to try it out. It looks awesome though.
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Free puzzle editor DLC? *Drools*

Maybe now we can get some more of those great puzzles like the first one had, where you could put portals on absolutely everything, which made for more rewarding "A-HA" moments when you figured them out. Portal 2 sort of streamlined the process by limiting where you could put portals, which made it feel like the game was holding my hand and telling me what to do.
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