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Rare appoints Sega, Headfirst vet as creative director

Rare appoints Sega, Headfirst vet as creative director

Tue 17 Apr 2012 10:51am GMT / 6:51am EDT / 3:51am PDT

Simon Woodroffe joins Microsoft's Kinect studio


It's Rare dag nammit!

Microsoft's Kinect studio Rare has appointed Simon Woodroffe as its new creative director, responsible for all aspects of design at the developer.

Woodroffe began his 20 year career working on Simon the Sorcerer before forming Headfirst Productions, responsible for cult title Call of Cthulhu on the original Xbox. He has also held senior positions at Midway, Ubisoft and head of games design for Sega West.

"Simon's vast experience and knowledge are a fantastic addition to Rare's strong Design team," offered Craig Duncan, senior studio director.

"He has worked on many innovative titles over the years, including some really impressive R&D prototyping projects. He is a terrific all-rounder and the ideal person to head up our design department.

"Rare is committed to making the best possible games experiences that inspire everyone to play, and we believe the best way to do that is to attract the brightest and best talent in the business."


Rick Lopez
Illustrator, Graphic Designer

1,269 942 0.7
RARE aint what it used to be. Belive me, some of the best gaming moments I have had were with games by RARE... Perfect Dark, Battle Toads, killer Instinct, Jet Force Gemeni, Donkey Kong Country. Those days are long gone.

Posted:2 years ago


Ben Furneaux
Lead Designer

115 48 0.4

Posted:2 years ago


Ben Furneaux
Lead Designer

115 48 0.4
Also good luck Simon :)

Posted:2 years ago


robert troughton
Managing Director

220 93 0.4
With Craig Duncan and now Simon Woodroffe joining the studio, I'm certain they'll do great things. Kinect Sports is actually a really great game - agreed, it's very different to Perfect Dark and such, but it's also not that far from the fun games that we used to have on the 8bits, either.

Posted:2 years ago


Lewis Brown
Snr Sourcer/Recruiter

198 56 0.3
I dont think Rare are past thier best, I havent seen a bad game out of the studio in recent years, just becuase it isnt the new Perfect dark or Goldeneye 64 doesn't mean it isnt a great product.

Posted:2 years ago


Neil Soane
European Publisher and Developer Account Manager

7 0 0.0
Well done Simon, great working with you whilst at Sega and STG. Enjoy your new role.

Posted:2 years ago


Thomas Gordon
Senior Animator

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Hah, nice one Simon :D :D

Posted:2 years ago


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