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Unity Technologies hits 1 million registered users

Unity Technologies hits 1 million registered users

Mon 09 Apr 2012 8:28pm GMT / 4:28pm EDT / 1:28pm PDT
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Engine provider Unity Technologies hits 300K monthly active users, 1 million total

Unity Technologies, developer of the popular Unity Engine, has just surpassed 1 million registered users. The company has seen a rather hefty explosion of growth, gaining much of their userbase in just a few months.

The engine would appear to be increasing in popularity, as Unity now records just over 300,000 monthly active users. That number is staggering considering that the company saw over 250K registrations over the past three months.

Unity Technologies has already announced their intention to grow the business into fledgling markets. The engine provider is hoping to push into areas around Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America in the near future.


Thomas Dolby
Project Manager / Lead Programmer

334 283 0.8
Seems like nothing is going to stop these guys any time soon. Congratulations to them, it's a fine engine, we use it on a large portion of our projects.

Posted:2 years ago


Murray Lorden
Game Designer & Developer

199 72 0.4
I downloaded it and registered during their recent "free license" sale. Hard to pass that offer up!

I'm not currently using it, but did install it and open it up, to activate it, and I was impressed with what I saw!

I think I'll give it a shot some time.

Indie Game Developer

Posted:2 years ago


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