Gears of War for Kinect cancelled, Epic working on new PC title

Epic confirms Gears of War: Exile cancelled, says new PC-centric title in works

The news coming from Epic Games at PAX East over the weekend confirmed that Gears of War: Exile has been killed off long before any official announcement. Gamers might be disappointed in that revelation, but Epic's Mike Capps has already hinted at a new title coming to the PC only.

"Let's just bury the hatchet now," said Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski to Gamespot. "Gears of War: Exile was an unannounced game that I can't give any details about that has since been cancelled."

The game had long been suspected by many to be a Kinect title that would be an "on-rails" shooter.

While Epic in recent years has mainly been focused on consoles and iOS, PC gamers will be glad to hear that a PC-only project is in the works. Epic boss Mike Capps confirmed during a PAX East panel that a new game is coming from the team, specifically for the PC platform.

"We might be working on a PC-only title," said Capps. Bleszinski jumped in almost immediately, clarifying with, "Let me say that again: we are working on a PC game."

Epic did not elaborate on whether or not the new game was coming from an existing IP, such as Gears of War or the upcoming Fortnite, nor did they confirm any new IP. The team did confirm that they will do everything to keep the game a PC exclusive.

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Richard Pygott Level Designer 5 years ago
The team did confirm that they will do everything to keep the game a PC exclusive.
Surely in these economic times, it pays to get as much ROI as possible. Just shoddy ports from Console specific to PC ruin the PC experiance.
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Jack Lee5 years ago
I would be shocked if the PC-specific franchise was not a multi-player focused free-to-play shooter, hearkening back to their Unreal Tournament roots (though not necessarily a new UT). That free-to-play mantra would be the reason it is PC only, as consoles (mostly) preclude such products from their lineup. That may change next generation, but for now, F2P games are a rare beast indeed on the closed boxes.
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Hakki Sahinkaya5 years ago
Looks like they want to stretch the tech a little and want to do some PC only development. Can't blame them, console hardware must be a bit boring for them now.

Lets see what they come up with.

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