Draw Something's daily active users dip down

Has the interest in OMGPOP's lead title already waned?

After a meteoric rise to the top and an acquisition by social gaming giant Zynga, OMGPOP's Draw Something has seen its first decline in Daily Active Users (DAU). According to AppData, the game is currently sitting at 14.3 million users, down from 14.6 million users just two days prior. This could just be a slight dip, or an indication that consumer interest is fading.


A tiny drop for OMGPOP's flagship game.

Draw Something is still a boost for Zynga, bringing its DAUs up 25 percent. Zynga acquired the company more than a week ago for around $200 million.

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John Bye Lead Designer, Future Games of London5 years ago
There's a fairly limited set of words to draw, some of them are poor (obscure musicians and B-list celebrities), and you have to play dozens of rounds to unlock even basic colours like green and brown. Not to mention the fundamental flaw that the game draws directly under your finger instead of being offset slightly, making it impossible to see what you're drawing because your finger tip's always obscuring your view. Oh for a stylus.

It can be fun, and I've got a dozen friends playing it, but once the novelty wore off and words started repeating themselves I went from playing it a couple of times a day to a couple of times a week. The fact that I'm often waiting a few days for other people to draw their words suggests I'm not alone in this.
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Jeremie Sinic5 years ago
Not so fast, if you look at the chart today, you can see the game going up again.
Angry Birds Space was released recently, so it can also be a cause: both games cater to large audiences which might have a lot in common.
Besides, I think we should look at it after it's been updated.

Right now I agree with John Bye: the novelty wears off fast because there are too few words repeating too often. Sometimes you can even guess the word just looking at the letters (before the player starts to draw) because you have seen the words twice or more before.
However, the game has a lot of potential for growth if they fix a few things.
Awkward drawings are often sources of good laughs, and the inability to share drawings on Facebook feels like a big overlook.
That's surely not helping the game accomplish its full viral potential.
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