Molyneux and Livingstone among Make Something Unreal Live judges

Epic lines up industry figureheads for developer competition

A number of big industry names have signed up to take part in Epic's Make Something Unreal Live competition in April.

A full list of judges is below, and includes Cliff Bleszinski of Epic, UKIE CEO Jo Twist and Peter Molyneux. Together they'll review entries for the competition, created by four teams, all making iOS titles based on the Fighting Fantasy books and using the Unreal Development Kit.

  • Peter Molyneux OBE
  • Dr. Jo Twist
  • Ian Livingstone OBE
  • Cliff Bleszinski
  • Jon Hare
  • Steve Jackson
  • Professor Carsten Maple
  • Ian Baverstock
  • Jon Yates

"Fighting Fantasy has in the past been used by school teachers as inspiration for creative writing exercises but this is the first time the teaching exercise has been to create a fully-featured video game," said Steve Jackson.

"Ian and I are impressed with what we've seen of the students' work so far, and we are looking forward to seeing the final results."

Jackson and Livingstone will select the competition winner on April 15, on the final day of the Gadget Show Live at the Birmingham NEC.

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I wish I was going to the Gadget Show now, exclusively for this.
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