GAME BAFTA winners

Here are the winners at the 2012 GAME British Academy Video Games Awards

The 2012 GAME British Academy Video Games Awards took place on Friday night, hosted by Dara Briain at the London Hilton, Park Lane with guests including Jonathan Ross, Jane Goldman, Alex Zane, Ashley Walters, Greg James, Aaron Staton, Suzi Perry, Ortis Deley, Craig Fairbrass, Charlie Higson, Charlotte Jackson, Jess Fox and Ashley Margolis. The full ist of winners is below:

Story: Portal 2

Original Music: LA Noire

Audio Achievement: Battlefield 3

Design: Portal 2

Game Innovation: Little Big Planet 2

Strategy: Shogun 2: Total War

Mobile & Handheld: Peggle HD

GAME Award 2011: Battlefield 3

Action: Batman: Arkham City

BAFTA One's To Watch: Tick Tock Toys

Online - Browser: Monstermind

Artistic Achievement: Rayman: Origins

BAFTA Special Award: Markus 'Notch' Persson

Sports - Fitness: Kinect Sports: Season 2

Online Multiplayer: Battlefield 3

Debut Game: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Family: Little Big Planet 2

Performer: Mark Hamill for Joker in Batman: Arkham City

Best Game: Portal 2

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Latest comments (4)

Jamie Read 3D Artist, Neon Play Ltd4 years ago
Nice. I voted Portal 2 for best game, so it's nice to see that get the award!
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Private Industry 4 years ago
A bit surprised about Portal 2 winning best story given the competition like Batman and LA Noire.

Sports to Kinect Sports 2? Was Fifa not nominated?
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Pier Castonguay Programmer 4 years ago
Story: Portal 2? I could understand for Gameplay / Design / Puzzle / Humor, but not story.
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Kieren Bloomfield Software Engineer, EA Sports4 years ago
"Sports to Kinect Sports 2? Was Fifa not nominated?"

BAFTA totally missed the mark with that one. Giving the award to the lowest (by far) reviewed game of the nominations. Not that I'm biased at all.... ;)
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