Batman and LA Noire shine among BAFTA nominees

GAME British Academy Video Games Awards reveals hopefuls for 2012 ceremony

Batman: Arkham City and LA Noire have both scored eight nominations among the list of 48 nominees for the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards, released today.

Both titles are nominated for awards in the Artistic Achievement, Best Game, Design, Original Music, Performer, and Story categories. LA Noire also appeared in the Debut Game, and Game Innovation categories, while Batman also scooped Action and Audio Achievement nominations. Both are also on the list for the The GAME Award of 2011.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Portal 2 also racked up an impressive number of nominations, while in the BAFTA Ones To Watch category, created in association with Dare To Be Digital, Joust, Dreamweaver and Tick Tock Toys all received the stamp of approval.

The full list of categories and nominees are available at the BAFTA site.

The ceremony will take place on March 16, recognising 18 categories across the industry. Comedian Dara O'Briain will host the event

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Matthew Pinnegar Studying games development L3, Henley College Coventry5 years ago
I strongly agree that Batman ARKHAM CITY should win.
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Joel Burns Studying games industry level 3, Henley College Coventry5 years ago
I disagree.
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