Important update for Unity

3.5 adds more tools, Native Client and better effects

Unity 3.5 is now available as a free download to developers currently using the 3.0 development platform. The update adds features like the Shuriken particle system, better lighting and rendering and Native Client support.

"We are incredibly proud of this release and I think it's our strongest yet," said CCO Nicholas Francis.

"A year ago, we took a deep dive and began working on developing features for more complex projects and larger teams. It took hard work to do this while preserving the intuitive and usable design that makes Unity so popular, but we are sure that developers using Unity will be as happy with the improvements as we are."

"This is one of the most spectacular additions we've ever made to Unity," added David Helgason, CEO.

"Recognizing that Unity was being pushed harder and harder, we launched our initiative to upgrade Unity with high-end capabilities that larger studios are accustomed to and smaller studios usually don't have access to. We want to make Unity the best choice for everyone and Unity 3.5 is a massive demonstration of our commitment to that goal."

For a full list of features and to download the update visit the official Unity site.

Around 800,000 developers are currently registered with the platform.

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Antony Cain Lecturer in Computer Games Design, Sunderland College5 years ago
The link goes to the previous update list (3.4.2). You might want to sub in a .5 :)
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