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Mobiclip acquired by Nintendo

Mon 13 Feb 2012 2:36pm GMT / 9:36am EST / 6:36am PST

Video codec company reveals October deal

Video codec specialist Mobiclip has revealed it was acquired by Nintendo in October of last year.

"Mobiclip is now a subsidiary of Nintendo," stated the French company.

"Mobiclip is a Research and Development centre specialized in the field of highly optimized software technologies. We are committed to provide the gaming industry with the latest innovations in middleware."

In the past Mobiclip has worked with Nintendo on the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo 3DS. It is currently advertising for a console software engineer with knowledge of Japanese culture.


Jim Webb
Executive Editor/Community Director

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Interesting. Mobiclip does codec work for Sony, Apple and others too, not just Nintendo. So does this make Nintendo a service provider of the codecs or will they now be exclusive to Nintendo?

Posted:2 years ago


Neil Young

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Information on their products seems to have gone from their website, so I suspect this is a comparable situation to SN?

Posted:2 years ago


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