Job losses at EA Canada and Black Box

Studios restructuring to focus on digital games and services

EA has confirmed it is restructuring its Vancouver operations, and cutting a small number of jobs in the process.

"EA in Vancouver is transforming its studio to align with EA's transformation to high-growth digital formats, including online, social gaming and free-to-play," a company spokesperson told IndustryGamers.

"As the BC studio makes this transformation, a small number of employees are being impacted while most others are being retrained, redeployed and rolling-on to new projects."

After recent financial results revealed that EA's Steam rival Origin made $100 million in 2011, the company was keen to justify the job losses and point to its recent successes in the digital market.

"Employees in our BC studio are learning new skills and working on digital games and services, and there are many examples," continued the statement.

"Developed at the EA Sports studio in Burnaby, the FIFA Soccer franchise represents the cutting edge of AAA gaming integrated with multi-platform extensions and online features. The Need for Speed World team in Burnaby is leading the digital transformation with 11 million registered players."

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Latest comments (3)

Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises5 years ago
This is every programmer's dream come true, to go from making AAA console games down to making games that run on facebook.
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Is it implied that the move is towards FB games?
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Jeremy Glazman Programmer 5 years ago
@Craig They specifically name FIFA and Need for Speed in reference to the direction they are moving in regarding this restructuring.

EA definitely is moving towards Facebook, but not with these studios it doesn't look like. I imagine they're more interested replicating something like Valve's success with TF2.
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