House: PS3 on track for 15 million sales

Sony's Andrew House confirms figures for year to end March, won't reveal Vita targets

Sony's Andrew House has confirmed that the company still aims to sell 15 million PlayStation 3s in the year ending March 2012, despite a turbulent year for the company.

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment made the comments to Reuters, and revealed that sales on the console were ahead of target.

He would not reveal Sony targets for the new PlayStation Vita handheld.

The PS3 news comes despite a number of setbacks for the company, with hacker attacks in April that shook consumer confidence and shutdown the PlayStation Network Store and the devastating effects of the Japanese earthquakes in July.

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By Brendan Sinclair

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Bryan Wiegele Owner/CEO, Perpetual Games5 years ago
Back in May it was reported Xbox 360 had 55M unit sales. I always heard PS3 was behind Xbox but I didn't think by this much! I guess it's no coincidence I've turned my PS3 on twice in the last two years. Both times for Uncharted ;)

I'm very curious how the Vita will sell. It seems the market has changed for good and a "games only" device is obsolete, especially an expensive one.
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Fieaz Ismail5 years ago
I think the article is referring to this financial year. Xbox 360 has sold almost 62M worldwide, PS3 is at around 58M.
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