Nintendo of America's general counsel to retire in spring

Richard Flamm to leave after 19 years battling pirates and adult sites

Richard Flamm, Nintendo of America's general counsel for 12 years, will retire in spring.

"We sincerely appreciate and want to recognise all Rick has accomplished, not only for Nintendo of America, but also for Nintendo globally," said company chairman Tatsumi Kimishima.

"His passion for the business and the outstanding efforts and results of his team are unparalleled."

Flamm has spent 19 years with the company, managing the anti-piracy team, and becoming general counsel in 1999. There he was victorious over counterfeit Pokemon products, adult websites trying to use Nintendo characters and cyber squatters.

Recently in 2010 he won a long running battle with Anascape over the Wii's Classic Controller.

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Latest comments (3)

Tony Johns5 years ago
Well it is important to battle piracy, but at least Nintendo have not gone with the DRM that PCs have.

Don't know what Cyber Squatters are...

but...battling against adult websites that use Nintendo characters????

But....the characters are not real, why bother? Adults play videogames too, don't they deserve to have fun of enjoying their game characters in ways that would never be in a videogame and only be in a fantasy and artwork and fanfiction?
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Justin French Creative Director & Founder, Dream Harvest5 years ago
cyber squatters are people that buy up domain names pertaining to franchises or characters with the hope that the companies will pay them bug bucks for the domain back, or at least that's what I think they are.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 5 years ago
Um, Tony... Protecting kids from those who would misuse game characters to lure them into clicking into areas they shouldn't venture into online is key. As for the stuff you're probably thinking about such as those sexy Peach images or whatever, Nintendo and other companies can't stop folks from doing that sort of thing, but if it gets to the point where someone is making a profit on characters they don't own doing things "Adults" do (in an XXX manner), well, that's probably a good time for a cease and desist letter.
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