Epic Game Jam winners selected

Four teams to go on to compete at Make Something Unreal Live

Four winning teams have been selected from the contestants at the Epic Game Jam, a 48 competition to create an iOS title with the Unreal Development Kit, sponsored by Train2Game.

The teams were selected from over 100 competitors at the event at Bradford University which took place from 4-6 November. The winners can now contend the next stage of the event at the Gadget Show Live in April next year for a grand prize of a commercial UDK licence for iOS.

All entries had to share a common theme relating to Guy Fawkes. First placed in the competition were The A-Team, with a side-scrolling adventure in a 17th Century town, whilst runners up prizes went to Nova Eye and Team Gandalf.

A fourth team of 'Game Jam All-Stars' was selected to take part in the final.

"The ultimate prize represents an opportunity beyond anything amateurs can come across by themselves. As well as the commercial license, there's the coaching by industry veterans, the support of Epic and the fantastic exposure that will accompany the winning game," said Train2Game's course director Tony Bickley.

"We're hitting fast-forward on the careers of talented students whose games you'll be playing for years to come."

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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game5 years ago
University of Bedfordshire, not Bradford.

Good luck to those of you I know.
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