Unity: iPhone 4S "perfect for developers"

CEO David Helgason says smaller changes mean better development for mobile gaming

Unity CEO David Helgason has given his stamp of approval to Apple's latest iPhone model, pointing out its benefits for mobile developers.

"Consumer journalists will criticise it, but it's perfect for developers,' said Helgason of the 4S in an interview with Gamasutra.

"Nobody doubts that the 5G, a mythical beast at this point, will be awesome too, but I think it's smart for Apple to pace themselves."

He pointed to the processing power and speed of the device as positive developments, allowing use of advanced shader effects and high polygon meshes, but also said that the incremental change meant developers wouldn't have to start from scratch when designing games.

"The response to the announcement was a bit negative, because people hoped there would be something new in the phone. For developers, though, it's actually a good thing, because they can build the same type of game and sell it to an audience that is much bigger."

He also explained that those benefits also applied to the Unity platform, and the company has been able to support the device with minimum effort.

The iPhone 4S will be released on October 14 in US, UK and Japan, and globally on October 28.

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