NHL 12 makes $27 million in week one

EA's hockey title breaks franchise records with 451,000 sales

According to EA figures, its NHL 12 has generated $27 million in revenue in launch week, setting a new record for the franchise.

First week until sales were up 19 per cent on NHL 11 in both European and North American territories selling over 451,000 copies.

6.9 million online gaming sessions took place in the opening week, up 17 per cent on 2010.

NHL 12 is available on Xbox 360 and PS3. EA also announced the launch of a new NHL Facebook title.

"The fan response to NHL 12 has been incredible, and we're delighted to expand the franchise to Facebook next month," said Andrew Wilson, EA Sports executive VP.

"NHL 12 is our most exciting hockey game ever, with more than 300 gameplay improvements and the ability to play with some of the NHL's greatest legends."

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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D6 years ago
Can't imagine too many people from the UK will comment here but, being a huge hockey fan, this is far and away my favourite game. If you're a football fan, think six-a-side indoor football, just a little faster. Definitely worth giving a try.

And best of all, hockey is back in north America, even if it IS only pre-season and even if the Canadiens DID lose their opener at home to Dallas. The joys of being a Canadiens fan - strangely similar to the joys of being a Liverpool fan:)

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Benjamin Royce6 years ago
Good news cracking game so much better than last years.

Lets go Red Wings
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