Indie dev releases game on torrent site

Special pirate version of No Time To Explain even includes comedy hats

Independent developer tinyBuild has released its flash game No Time To Explain on file sharing site The Pirate Bay.

As a special bonus, the Pirate Bay version of the game features many of the character in distictive pirate hats.

"We thought it'd be funny to leak a pirate version ourselves which is literally all about pirates and pirate hats," creator Alex Nichiporchik told TorrentFreak.

"I mean, some people are going to torrent it either way, we might as well make something funny out of it."

The game is availble for $10, or around 8, from the tinyBuild website, but the developer doesn't believe that releasing a free version has damaged sales.

"We saw very positive WTF REALLY feedback from users, and saw reactions that people bought it simply because they liked the joke. So we don't see it hurting sales in any way," said Nichiporchik.

"You can't really stop piracy, all you can do is make it work for you and/or provide something that people actually want to pay for. For us this is humour, we like making people laugh."

tinyBuild was founded by Nichiporchik and Tom Brien early this year. No Time To Explain is its first title. The company used funding platform Kickstarter to raise $26,068 towards the project.

Torrent site Pirate Bay has around 5 million registered users, and was established in Sweden in 2003. It has been the focus of numerous legal controversies, and a high profile civil and criminal prosecution in 2008.

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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany5 years ago
Ok, this was really funny haha
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Barrie Tingle Live Producer, Maxis5 years ago
Retail vendor exclusive content to Pirate Bay?
I'm not buying either if they are gonna split versions between retailers. :)
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Vitalii Moskalets Game Designer, GameLoft5 years ago
First Special "PirateBay Edition" game? :)))
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Murray Lorden Game Designer & Developer, MUZBOZ5 years ago
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