Kabam opens new European office

Luxembourg office will focus on localisation and language support for existing games

The social game developer Kabam will open a new office in Luxembourg-Strassen, Luxembourg.

Kabam has enjoyed a period of rapid growth over the last year, securing $85 million in new series D funding in May, bringing its total for new investments to $125 million.

Kabam Europe will be led by Boris Pfeiffer, the company's managing director, and will focus on localisation and providing language support and marketing for its products in international markets.

"International growth is a key to Kabam's long-term strategy," said Kabam COO Chris Carvalho. "This investment will help fuel a significant percentage of our business today across all games and will help us investigate establishing a development studio in Europe, similar to what we've set up in Beijing, China."

Kabam Europe has already created 25 new jobs, with that number expected to rise to 50 by the end of the year.

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Thomas Bidaux CEO, ICO Partners5 years ago
I am surprised they can find that many talents in Luxembourg. The country is more often used for its tax incentives than for its locally available talent.

I suspect HQ will be in Luxembourg and a later studio will be... anywhere else in Europe would be easier I guess.
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Well it could be like the cae with NCsoft in Brighton. Although as you say Luxembourg is a unusual choice. maybe its cheap as chips? :)

i any regard, Kabam are making all the right positive notes!
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