Martyn Gibbs out as GAME MD

Vodafone's Tom Devine starts new role immediately

Specialist retailer GAME has confirmed that Martyn Gibbs is to leave the company at the end of July.

Chatter amongst the retail community has been rife for months, but GAME had previously denied there was any shake up at a senior management level to

But today the retailer has stated that as Gibbs leaves his role of managing director of UK and Ireland, his replacement Tom Devine will start tomorrow, with a brief handover period.

Devine joins from six years at Vodafone and has experience managing over 400 stores.

"We are very pleased to welcome Tom. He brings huge energy and expertise to our Group, and will focus on delivering key areas of our strategy," said GAME CEO Ian Shepherd.

"Our dedicated teams across Europe are rapidly adapting their specialist services to meet the changing needs of gamers, and Tom will be responsible for leading their success."

He added: "I am very grateful to Martyn for his contribution to our businesses over the past 8 years, and the team and I wish him the very best for the future."

GAME's UK marketing team will now join Online and CRM team and report directly to chief marketing officer Dave Hughes.

Gibbs was managing director of Gamestation when GAME acquired the rival retailer, and has been behind the push to enter the consumer events space with this year's GameFest.

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Jon Irenicus OCAS 6 years ago
Martin Gibbs was only another overpaid useless asshole in GAME
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