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PlayStation Vita to retail from $249 / £223 / €249

Tue 07 Jun 2011 1:34am GMT / 9:34pm EDT / 6:34pm PDT

3G model of new Sony handheld on sale for $299 / £268 / €299

Sony has confirmed that the new Next Generation Portable console is now known as PlayStation Vita, with the standard WiFi model costing $249 (£223 / €249).

The 3G plus Wi-Fi model will retail for $299 (£268 / €299). Sony has not yet confirmed a solid release date beyond "holiday season."

Unveiling the name at E3 in Los Angeles today, Sony boss Kaz Hirai said the handheld will be supported by AT&T as the exclusive carrier in the US - a decision that drew jeers from the crowd.

"What you've come to know as NGP is officially known as PlayStation Vita," he announced.

"So, what does Vita mean? Vita means life, and we're confident that PlayStation Vita will be the first product that truly blurs those lines between PlayStation entertainment and your real life."

He also touched on some new social features for the system, named Near and Party Room, which make use of Trophies and chat functionality.

LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, ModNation Racers, Street Fighter X Tekken and new IP Ruin were shown running on the system, the latter demonstrating cross platform functionality with the PlayStation 3.


Sam Brown

235 164 0.7

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Sam Brown on 7th June 2011 9:35am

Posted:3 years ago

Thats the first thing I thought tbh.
I don't really know a great deal about what goes into the manufacture of a new hardware platform but can they justify the much higher price point in Europe other than its what they can get away with.

I know in one sense everything is worth what people are willing to pay but its still a bit infuriating.
Not that I'd buy one anyway. Though I have a great deal of sympathy ire for those who would :)

Posted:3 years ago


Daniel Hughes
Studying PhD Literary Modernism

436 496 1.1
3DS global price cut before this launches, I think. Possibly some bundles too, to counter the Vita launch.

Edit: Just to add more, now I have time. Very impressive pricing and demonstration of Vita from Sony, but does anyone else get the feeling both 3DS and Vita are sliding into the trap that hampered PSP? As in, they both provide experiences far too similar to home consoles? I have a feeling we're going to see two excellent machines fight over a shrinking market, with all the tens of millions of new gamers Nintendo brought in with DS moving on to iOS devices. While I definitely think each person should play what appeals to them, I can't help but feel sad when we have perhaps two of the best games dedicated portable machines ready to battle it out, and they already look like dinosaurs fighting each other in a dying world. Wasn't it Miyamoto who said it was dangerous to have too many massive predators fighting over a shrinking market?

Perhaps it's too soon to draw those kinds of conclusions--but I think Sony and Nintendo need to address both the threat from Apple, and the lack of definitively portable experiences on their machines with urgency. This isn't 2004--the portable market is too competitive to wait for a Lite model and a revolutionary portable experience like Brain Training to hit 18 months or more after launch.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Daniel Hughes on 7th June 2011 11:03am

Posted:3 years ago

Depends on desirability. In this instance, the PS Vita is better priced than the PSP initial offering.


Eventually the PS Vita is worth getting (but probably not as a first day launch device). This is because with similar experiences to be had via home consoles, I'm happy as a consumer to wait till the price drops....

In addition, it irks me no end that such a large price discrepancy between the US/Euro/Pound exists.
This time, I'm entirely happy to vote no with our wallet till its a comparable price point drop.

Posted:3 years ago


Richard Westmoreland
Game Desginer

138 90 0.7
I hope it's region free. Nintendo really irritated me by introducing region locks to the 3DS.

Posted:3 years ago


Klaus Preisinger
Freelance Writing

1,128 1,161 1.0

Posted:3 years ago


Rick Lopez
Illustrator, Graphic Designer

1,269 942 0.7
Too expensive, but expected. It is a great machine though. I will get one, but not now. I will stock up on games and wait for a price drop. Thats how I usually do things now a days.

Posted:3 years ago


Senar Koraltan
QA Engineer

9 3 0.3
The problem with Vita is not the price point here, the problem is that its not a mobile device! handheld consoles are getting slaughters by smartphones because they invaded the game space. Instead of making the Playstation phone they should of integrated mobile capabilities into Vita.

They could of made lots of money from doing deals with network providers.

Posted:3 years ago


Joe Winkler
trained retail salesman

171 4 0.0
@Tom Pickard:

Profit for retailers? Sorry, but seeing the buying price from a wholesaler compared to the retail price is a real joke. The gross margin of a console is way lower than most people are expecting. The attached sales are the only ones to bring a console sale to more (any) profit.

The price diffrences with oversee's sales are only there, because sony wants them to be.
Microsoft always calculated the normal exchange of the diffrent currency (or at least did their best to do so).

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Joe Winkler on 7th June 2011 3:01pm

Posted:3 years ago


James Boulton
Tools & Tech Coder

133 171 1.3

Posted:3 years ago


Joe Winkler
trained retail salesman

171 4 0.0
@Klaus Preisinger

totally agreed. But that shows again, that the console is more mobile phone/ipad than it should be. Games on the Ipad are surely fun, but are ONLY a feature. Games on my mobile phone are funny and definetly enough to keep me entertained for the 10 min max I'm playing with them.
So why do I need a portable console to replace the mobile phone and/or gadget most people have already in use?
IF internet would be free and accessable everywhere the Vita would have definetly the potential to entertain most of it's users. But it's still an expensive (in my opinion) and long way 'till we reach that.

Posted:3 years ago


Klaus Preisinger
Freelance Writing

1,128 1,161 1.0
@Joe Winkler

The strength of these new smartphone platforms comes from the operating system, not the hardware. iOs and Android, those are the important things which make or break a mobile device these days. Sony might have the edge in games at the moment, but in all other aspects they are still years behind the curve. Imo the vita is too much of a hardcore gaming device for its own sake.

Posted:3 years ago


Björn Loesing

16 0 0.0
I think the Vita is a very interesting piece of hardware. I am especially intrigued by the fact that it's downward compatible by running the emulation of a virtual machine inside. That's powerful techno-magic right there, and 249$ doesn't sound too expensive to me.

249 EUROS on the other hand, I had to gulp. Has Sony stated any indication of the Vita being region-locked? (Do people even do that nowadays anymore?)

Posted:3 years ago


Joe Winkler
trained retail salesman

171 4 0.0

"any indication of the Vita being region-locked? (Do people even do that nowadays anymore?)"
They do.. the 3Ds is region-locked.

@Klaus Preisinger
Thanks for the info, that's a bit too much mobile phone knowledge that I didn't know much about. It's hard enought trying to catch up with most of the other products ;) I only know the bundles with a USB-stick and an UMTS module in it, wich works with every Note- and Netbook. But there are a lot of internet flats and bundles for mobile phones, as well.

Posted:3 years ago


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