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Zero Point raises $125,000 through fan-funding

By Matt Martin

Mon 18 Apr 2011 7:00am GMT / 3:00am EDT / 12:00am PDT

Crowd sourcing route pays off for Interstellar Marines developer

Zero Point Software, maker of Interstellar Marines, has so far raised $125,000 for development of the game through contributions from its fans.

The Danish developer is raising the cash through its fanbase rather than working with a publisher on a more traditional level, and is one of many independents working with games players who fund the project for a more personal gaming experience.

The project, which Zero Point labels 'AAA Indie', began in 2006 and the team had previously been in discussions with publishing partners.

"The negotiations stopped when it became clear to us that we needed to hand over all of our IP and make a lousy revenue share deal [on top of that]," Kenneth Andersen, producer and lead sound designer at Zero Point, told in a feature published today.

"So it was time to make a new strategy. We came up with this crazy idea that our community should be able to pre-order the game years before it was finished and we haven't regretted this decision since."

The Interstellar Marines community has over 103,000 registered members, with more than 2100 of those paying for the $39 Spearhead pre-order of three future games as well as other special privileges. Users can also buy the Frontliners pre-order for $25 and buy Support Medals for $5 which unlock content on the community website.

The full feature looking at the phenomenon of crowd sourcing, featuring contributions from Achron developer Hazard Games and Grim Dawn team Crate Entertainment, can be read here.

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Great idea, athough I'm not sure how far $125k gets a team commercially. Good luck to them, I hope its a success!

Posted:5 years ago


Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D

863 708 0.8
Eagle Dynamics and VRS have both used this model as well. With ED, they even allowed buyers to download beta builds as development went along, as well as using torrents to distribute, thus lowering their costs as well.

[link url=
[link url=

That's the problem with publishers, they push really tough deals with many developers.

Posted:5 years ago


Saehoon Lee Lead technical artist, Kuno Interactive

50 3 0.1
Maybe future is sort of mixture of everything. Publisher + Crowd source + Self funding.

Posted:5 years ago


Sean Rogan Freelance Journalist

7 0 0.0
Natural Selection 2 went down this road as well:

Posted:5 years ago


Terence Gage Freelance writer

1,289 126 0.1
I've always thought this would be a good idea for some developers - there are some who I would gladly invest in as a downpayment to help them fund forthcoming projects, and pay the balance when said game is launched. I think it's a flexible business model for developers who cannot get a publishing deal or who want to retain full control of their product, and so on.

As noted, $125,000 probably wouldn't go very far on a big development by today's standards, but I hope the company can put the money to good use and make the most of their fans' generosity. Is there actually any word on what this funding will be going toward? I've been mildly interested in Interstellar Marines ever since I first read about it about 5 years ago, but it's all been quiet on that front for a long time. I wonder if it would be suited for distribution on XBL, PSN & Steam, a la Section 8: Prejudice or Blacklight. Seems to be a good fit for high-quality FPSs that don't have the publisher or marketing to compete with the big retail releases.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Terence Gage on 18th April 2011 5:05pm

Posted:5 years ago


James Gallagher Marketing Manager, Futuremark Corporation

30 25 0.8
I remember reading a while ago that Zero Point are just four guys, so the sum they've raised should help a lot.

Posted:5 years ago


Benjamin Dixon Studying Computer Games Design and Programming, Staffordshire University

20 0 0.0
I'm in the process of setting up a small games studio with a few other students from uni and this is a route we have discussed going down but we aren't sure where to go in terms of setting this sort of thing up. Does anyone know whether it was run through a 3rd party or on their own website?

Posted:5 years ago


Nicholas Gasse Journalist, communications expert

2 1 0.5
Benjamin - I think most of IM's funding comes from ZPS' website, where people can purchase different pre-order packages. There are third-party websites, like 8BitFunding, that you could use too.

Posted:5 years ago


Benjamin Dixon Studying Computer Games Design and Programming, Staffordshire University

20 0 0.0
Nicholas - Thank you so much for this. We tried searching for ages looking for a site like 8BitFunding but always came up short. This is definitely something for us to consider. Again, thank you.

Posted:5 years ago


Mike Rusby 3d character modeller

21 1 0.0
silly question but what if it all goes wrong. Do the fans get the money back or will they sue over it. I wonder if they have to sign some kind of agreement?

Posted:5 years ago


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