FreeStyleGames in "positive discussions" with Activision

Future of music studio still not decided, says UK developer

FreeStyleGames has issued a statement on the future of the company, suggesting it is still in "positive discussions" with owner/publisher Activision.

Activision announced this month that it was canning the Guitar Hero franchise, which included FreeStyleGames' DJ Hero titles, the next of which was due to be for Nintendo's 3DS system.

"We continue positive discussions with Activision around possible routes for FreeStyleGames. We have not reached an agreement as of today, however we are in continued dialogue and hope to have more news soon," said a statement attributed to founders Jamie Jackson, David Osbourn and Chris Lee.

"Messages from the industry and gamers alike have been warmly received and we are incredibly grateful for the support," added the company.

Last year Activision gave three months notice to Blur and Project Gotham creator Bizarre Creations, which it tried to sell to interested parties, before closing for good last week.

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Gregory Hommel writer 6 years ago
Of course I'm not sure exactly how every title comes about, but I would say these studios would do just fine if Activision let them build whatever game they want. There doesn't have to be a damn computer model of the genre to test the market for every game. Don't close or sell off these companies until the game THEY wanted to make fails.
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