1 million accounts created ahead of Rift launch

Trion Worlds hails interest in its first title as the game's Head Start period begins

Trion World has revealed that over 1 million accounts have now been registered for its first game, Rift, which will launch fully next week.

The game, about to enter its 'Head Start' period during which pre-order customers are able to access the game ahead of the public launch, is a fantasy MMO and the first of three projects that Trion has currently disclosed.


Fantasy MMO Rift is Trion Worlds' first release.

Officially launching in North America on March 1 and in Europe on March 4, the game's release follows a series of preview beta tests which allowed gamers access to ever-increasing amounts of the title's content.

Trion's other two titles include an MMO RTS title called End of Nations and an untitled action MMO project in association with the SyFy channel.

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Impressive :D!How did they manage to get that?Their first game...

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