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Relentless redundancies birth new studio

Fri 18 Feb 2011 4:44pm GMT / 11:44am EST / 8:44am PST

Full Moon Game Studios keen to work with Relentless in future

Members of staff made redundant in a round of layoffs at Relentless this month have founded a new studio called Full Moon, with a representative telling that they hold no resentment towards their former employers.

Kalvin Lyle of Full Moon contacted to make clear that most of the staff involved in the cuts felt no animosity about the situation, in which twenty employees were let go earlier this month.

Lyle says staff were warned in good time and are looking forward to the two studios working together at some point in the future.

"I can't speak for everyone, but I think we're trying to make the best of it," Lyle told "Those let go from Relentless are some of the most talented people I've worked with in my 15 year career.

"Obviously it's not a great situation, the landscape for employment isn't great right now in the south east or in the UK. With all the recent closures and redundancies there's a lot of competition. For those with families who can't easily relocate, it makes things very difficult.

"The reductions at Relentless were completely understandable, we were all given fair notification and I think Relentless handled it very well. We hope to work with Relentless again possibly as an outsource partner, supporting them any way we can. We wish them the very best."

Full Moon is currently looking for projects to become involved with, with the company's website indicating a focus on casual gaming and digital distribution.


Phil Elliott
Project Leader, Collective; Head of Community (Live Team)

163 29 0.2
This is great to hear - good luck to the new team; we hope to hear lots more about you.

Posted:3 years ago


Iain Lowson

21 0 0.0
Great news! I wish them all success.

Posted:3 years ago


Steven Pick
Lead Graphic Designer

70 14 0.2
More news stories like this please.

Posted:3 years ago

Birth of something new is always good news indeed!

Posted:3 years ago


Martyn Brown
Managing Director

138 33 0.2
Good luck guys - and to all startups (maybe some from Bizarre too).

All the best!

Posted:3 years ago


Sandy Heslop

1 0 0.0
Wow, Just wow.

Posted:3 years ago

Good luck guys!

Posted:3 years ago


Daniel Vardy
Studying HND IT

90 1 0.0
hope to see some games coming from them in the coming years

Posted:3 years ago


Frankie Kang
Producer / Consultant

39 1 0.0
Good luck to Kalvin and the rest of the Full Moon staff!

Posted:3 years ago

Good luck to you all. I wish you the very best.

Posted:3 years ago


James Dobrowski
Head of Support

7 0 0.0
Great news, always good to hear of a new UK studio. Best of luck guys!

Posted:3 years ago


Alex Dawson
Technical Art director

16 0 0.0
Good luck peeps!

Posted:3 years ago


Terence Gage
Freelance writer

1,288 120 0.1
Good luck guys - nice to see some news against the grain concerning start-up companies.

I like the website too, and I look forward to your super-secret action/puzzle quest game involving sheep, tax men and farms!

Posted:3 years ago


Kingman Cheng
Illustrator and Animator

951 180 0.2
A belated good luck to everyone!

Posted:3 years ago


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