Games talent agency DDM looks to Japan

Capcom veteran Ben Judd to head up new office

Games industry business and talent agency Digital Development Management (DDM) has announced plans to expand its operations to Japan.

Former Capcom producer Ben Judd has been appointed to head up the office, as Lead Agent.

Judd was the first non-Japanese producer at Capcom, and worked on franchises such as Resident Evil, Mega Man and Devil May Cry.

Commented DDM founder Jeff Hilbert, "DDM is uniquely positioned to leverage our experience and success in Europe and domestic territories to create new business opportunities for the video game community at large in Japan.

"Ben's breadth of publisher experience in Japan combined with our ever-expanding client roster allows DDM to generate and facilitate projects for publishers, brand and license holders, and investors now on a worldwide basis."

DDM already has multiple offices in the US and Sweden.

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Latest comments (2)

Tony Johns6 years ago
I would love to aim for the Japanese market, because that is where allot of my ideas come from.

If the western market is too strict on making games realistic and costing the developer so much money that they are in dept to the publisher, then I don't think I would want to make realistic games all the time.

Japanese, or any sort of drawing style animation is more like my sort of graphical art style I want to work on when it comes to game design.
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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University6 years ago
Same, a lot of my idea feel like they are work better in jp games then the western games.
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