Nintendo's Professor Layton sales top 11m

Level-5's DS puzzle series proves a global smash

Nintendo's handheld puzzle series Professor Layton has reached 11.47 million worldwide shipments across four titles, developer Level-5 has revealed.

AndriaSang reported the series passing the 11 million milestone. The DS-only series has proven popular with both traditional and so-called casual audiences, and has been the subject of mainstream TV ads from Nintendo.

A fifth game, Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask, will be a 3DS launch title.

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 6 years ago
It's a great series, looking forward to the Ace Attorney crossover too.
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Martin Mathers Copywriter/Journalist 6 years ago
"A fifth game, Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask, will be a 3DS launch title."

... in Japan. Not in the West. We haven't even got the fourth title yet.
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Art C. Jones Writer / Blogger 6 years ago
Professor Layton may have the highest production values of any DS game. It's always jarring to me, in a good way, when I put in the latest game and see so much animated video and voice work. The quality bar is really high, and the games are unique and intriguing. Working my way through the 3rd now after finishing the first 2 when each came out. Great series that shines on the DS.

I think it may be a mistake not to have the 5th game out with the 3DS launch as Konami's knock-off series certainly won't wait for them...
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Frankie Kang Producer / Consultant, First Post LLC6 years ago
Professoer Layton saved my DS.
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@Kang: :D
I can, somehow, say the same thing for my DS too.
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