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comScore: Games media UK results, January 2011

By Phil Elliott

Mon 21 Feb 2011 10:30am GMT / 5:30am EST / 2:30am PST

A complete run-down of the top consumer and trade games media by UK traffic

comScore has released traffic data for January 2011 and has compiled a list of the top 20 gaming media websites as defined by UK traffic numbers.

The list below is ordered by Total Unique Visitors, and features specialist sites that primarily offer videogames editorial such as news, reviews or other features.

This table does not indicate absolute rank, but is a comparative list of specific games media outlets. Sites excluded from this listing include content aggregation websites, advertising networks, digital distribution websites, file download sites, official publisher websites, free games sites and cheats sites. A full games site ranking, which would also include all of the above along with videogame editorial sites, is available to purchase from comScore.

Please note that comScore has two methods of measuring traffic to websites. The results for those websites listed as "panel" are derived from comScore's continuously measured consumer panel (sampling), whereas the traffic for websites marked as "unified" is derived from comScore's Unified Digital Measurement, which blends census-level collected data (from javascript embedded in the website by the publisher) with the comScore panel. will continue to publish the comScore results on a monthly basis.

The first table is a compilation of consumer media sites.

Media Methodology Total UK Unique Visitors Total UK Visits Av. UK Visits per Visitor
IGN.COM Unified 2.46 million 8.21 million 3.3
GAMESPOT.CO.UK Unified 2.17 million 6.94 million 3.2
GAMETRAILERS.COM Unified 604,000 1.95 million 3.2
GAMESRADAR.COM Unified 574,000 1.43 million 2.5
KOTAKU.COM Unified 569,000 2.44 million 4.3
JOYSTIQ.COM Unified 528,000 1.93 million 3.7
EUROGAMER.NET Unified 424,000 2.04 million 4.8
1UP.COM Unified 353,000 664,000 1.9
COMPUTERANDVIDEOGAMES.COM Unified 343,000 1.29 million 3.7
ESCAPISTMAGAZINE.COM Unified 309,000 1.11 million 3.6
PCGAMER.COM Unified 280,000 606,000 2.2
XBOX360ACHIEVEMENTS.ORG Unified 262,000 1.48 million 5.7
GAMESPY.COM Unified 243,000 416,000 1.7
GAMEFRONT.COM Unified 233,000 470,000 2.0
TEAMXBOX.COM Unified 194,000 310,000 1.6
GIANTBOMB.COM Panel 186,000 401,000 2.2
DESTRUCTOID.COM Unified 180,000 522,000 2.9
QJ.NET Unified 147,000 215,000 1.5
GAMEOLOSOPHY.COM Panel 136,000 195,000 1.4
VIDEOGAMER.COM Panel 126,000 168,000 1.3

The second table is a compilation of trade media sites.

Media Methodology Total Unique Visitors Total Visits Av. Visits per Visitor
GAMESINDUSTRY.BIZ* Unified 53,000 257,000 4.9
MCVUK.COM Panel 48,000 58,000 1.2
NEXT-GEN.BIZ Unified 43,000 99,000 2.3
GAMASUTRA.COM Panel 23,000 27,000 1.2

* Content is available to registered users only.

No traffic data was available for and

All data is (c) comScore Media Metrix 2011, and is reproduced with permission. For more information on using comScore please contact Colin Burrows.

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Dan Webb Editor-in-Chief, Xbox 360 Achievements

5 0 0.0
*ahem* should be on there *ahem* ;)

Posted:5 years ago


Olly Reid Managing Consultant, TNS

3 0 0.0
I'm guessing you may be categorised somewhat differently Dan, rightly or wrongly so.

Posted:5 years ago


Terence Gage Freelance writer

1,289 126 0.1
Interesting figures. I've not visited all of those sites, but I think EG is definitely the best laid-out and with the best writing (and puns!) of any site listed there. Perhaps it's telling that EG has the highest average number of visits per individual.

Also, I may see what I can find, but I would be interested to see the figures for TheEscapist before Ben Croshaw was on board. I'm willing to bet he's brought in a lot of traffic to their site.

Posted:5 years ago


Phil Elliott Project Lead, Collective; Head of Community (London), Square Enix

186 58 0.3
Dan - that's a fair point, and the non-forum/guide elements of the site hadn't been fairly considered. I've now updated the table to include you.

Posted:5 years ago


Dan Webb Editor-in-Chief, Xbox 360 Achievements

5 0 0.0
Cheers Phil. You're not the only trade publication to miss us off when it comes to Comscore tables such as this... You are however the only one to rectify their oversight though, so that's hugely appreciated.

Posted:5 years ago


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