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Martyn Brown leaves Team17

Fri 04 Feb 2011 11:53am GMT / 6:53am EST / 3:53am PST

Co-founder of Worms, Alien Breed studio set to become 'independent videogame consultant'

Team17 co-founder and 25 per cent stakeholder Martyn Brown has left the studio to pursue other interests, announcing the move on his Facebook profile.

Brown has been with the Yorkshire-based Worms and Alien Breed developer for 20 years, and says he is leaving on amicable terms to start work on an as yet unannounced project. He now describes himself as an 'Independent Video Game Consultant.'

"Ok, I can finally announce that I left Team17," wrote Brown on Facebook. "I had an amazing 20 year ride and whilst it's the end of a truly enjoyable period of my life, it equally signals the start of a really exciting new one.

"My sincere, heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped, in any way, shape or form over those two glorious decades. I leave Team17 in great shape, but now is time for my own adventure."

Brown wasn't prepared to give details of his new venture when contacted by, saying "I don't know what else to say, really - I've left." When asked about his 25 per cent stake in the company Brown said he was unable to comment on the matter.


Toby Allen

3 0 0.0
Good luck Martyn!

Posted:3 years ago

One of the most honest, talented, dedicated and friendly men I know. It is like Trevor Brooking leaving West Ham or Don Revie leaving Leeds. Good luck Martyn, the times are changing and you are the man to take on new ventures!

Posted:3 years ago


robert troughton
UK General Manager

222 96 0.4
Good luck, Martyn. For those who don't know him, he's an amazing bloke - he was a great help when we were setting up the new Pitbull. Whatever he does next is sure to be amazing.

Posted:3 years ago


Nik Love-Gittins
Senior Character Artist

59 27 0.5
20 years ? Sheesh...I worked with Martyn on the PC version of AlienBreed back in the day ( 92-93 ish ).
So good luck to him in his future endeavors....

Posted:3 years ago


Stewart Gilray
Managing Director

33 29 0.9
I have more time for Martyn that most others in the industry. Best of luck chap ;)

Posted:3 years ago

Good luck Martyn!

@ You guys really need to put a "like" feature on here next to peoples' comments:)

Posted:3 years ago


Kim Blake
Senior Events & Education Co-ordinator

22 0 0.0
What Andy Payne said! Good luck Martyn :) Fran's right you know ;)

Posted:3 years ago


Rupert Loman
Founder & CEO

139 45 0.3
Good luck Martyn! See you at GDC.

Posted:3 years ago


David Elton
President & Founder

1 0 0.0
Martyn is definitely one of the good guys in the industry.

Best of luck Martyn! I look forward to having pints with you in the future. :)

Posted:3 years ago


Alex Wright-Manning
Talent Acquisition Manager

172 2 0.0
Good luck Martyn in all your future endeavours. I'm sure the great and good will be queuing up to get you on board for 'consultancy'!

Posted:3 years ago


Conceptual Imagineer

8 7 0.9
No new Superfrog game any time soon then...

Posted:3 years ago


Mark Estdale
Dialogue Director

2 0 0.0
Not turning into Charles Cecil?

Posted:3 years ago


Tim Wright
Managing Director

29 0 0.0
Bon Voyage!

Posted:3 years ago


Tim Ponting

3 0 0.0
Good luck old bean!! End of an era eh?

Posted:3 years ago


Darren Adams
Managing Director

254 518 2.0
Good luck with the new venture.

Posted:3 years ago


Daniel Vardy
Studying HND IT

90 1 0.0
hope we will see some new stuff coming from his new venture in the near future

Posted:3 years ago


Jim Webb
Executive Editor/Community Director

2,270 2,439 1.1
Good luck, Martyn.

Posted:3 years ago


Neil Soane
European Publisher and Developer Account Manager

7 0 0.0
One of the nicest and genuine guys in the industry. Good luck in the next endeavours mate. See you soon. N.

Posted:3 years ago


Kingman Cheng
Illustrator and Animator

954 182 0.2
Wow after all this time, best of luck in your future ventures Martyn!

Posted:3 years ago


Studying BA Computer Animation

1 0 0.0
I personally love Team 17, they are a company that I've admired since I was a kid, as they produced some of my favourite games and they are also local. I recently got the chance to do a Usability test for them and it was a great experience.

Good luck!

Posted:3 years ago


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