Report: EA developing Madden 'curse' movie

Publisher plans sports comedy based on famous box art jinx

Electronic Arts is reportedly developing a cinematic comedy based on the supposed 'Madden curse', where misfortune and underperformance appears to dog athletes featured on the cover of the games.

According to website The Wrap the project is being led by EA Entertainment vice president Pat O'Brien, although the site quotes only unnamed sources at the company for the information.

The story of the film will apparently follow a former 'Madden videogame champion' who is forced out of retirement just as he becomes the subject of a new game's box art. An annual reality TV show dedicated to the franchise already airs on EPSN2 and the curse is well known amongst American fans and athletes.

Although the concept is not likely to travel well EA has also been planning other more conventional film tie-ins for properties such as Mass Effect, Army Of Two and Spore. Attempts were also made to adapt The Sims. None of the projects though have ever advanced beyond the planning stages.

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Thomas Dolby Project Manager / Lead Programmer, Ai Solve6 years ago
An interesting concept I guess, at least as a simple idea anyway. At least it's not a "hey this game is successful, let's make a movie out of it, it'll be great!" kind of idea.

Mass Effect has always been a good candidate for a film though, even with the plot left as it is, as it's so cinematic and story based to begin with, but movies based on Spore and The Sims sound like they could end up worse than Doom, and many people aren't convinced that's possible (we don't speak about that certain Mario "movie").
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Des Gayle Director & Game Producer, Altered Gene Limited6 years ago
[link url=

Just to comment on your last line; time stamp 1:43

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