Zynga "expanding operations into Ireland"

FarmVille firm planning 'sizeable' new European base

Social gaming giant Zynga has confirmed plans to open offices in Ireland.

The studio already runs premises in the US, Germany, China and India, and has seen its total headcount grow by three times over the last year.

"We are expanding our operations into Ireland and will have more to talk about later," Zynga spokesperson Shernaz Daver told the Irish Independent.

The paper claimed that Zynga was planning on "a sizeable operation here that will create jobs for highly trained people, including software developers."

Zynga declined to provide details on the new office, but if it selects tech firm hotspot Dublin as its Irish base of operations, it will find itself local to Facebook's European HQ.

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Fredrik Liljegren Director, System Software, NVIDIA6 years ago
I think this is simply to build up a double irish tax break system similar to what Google is using.
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Shane Sweeney Academic 6 years ago
Google, Microsoft, Apple and every other company. Strange that the news just singled out Google the other day.
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Alex Wright-Manning Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Datascope6 years ago
That, or real estate space in Hell is running at a premium.
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Private Industry 6 years ago
Let`s see how long that will work with the low taxes given in what poor state the country is.
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